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Paul Osincup is a TEDx Speaker and Positive Workplace Strategist who helps companies create engaging work climates. From his experience in Higher Education Leadership & Administration Paul’s previous roles had him addressing high-risk behaviors and threats to college campuses. A conflict resolution specialist, he was a consultant at the U.S. Department of Education’s Center for Alcohol, Drug, and Violence Prevention and still consults for several non-profit agencies. Despite the serious nature of his work, It’s Paul’s background in comedy that fuels his interest in humor as a competitive advantage in business. Paul has worked with companies like NASDAQ and Kaiser Permanente and his work has been highlighted in SUCCESS Magazine, Training Magazine, and on his mom’s refrigerator.

SESSION 1 – 10. Oktober | 11.25 Uhr | Raum ROT

Leading with Laughter: The Power of Humor in Leadership

In the follow-up to his keynote address, Paul Osincup will provide a model for how HR leaders can increase employee engagement, decrease turnover, and improve the bottom line by creating a culture of fun! Participants will leave with over 100 simple (and most importantly HR compliant) ideas of how to have more fun at work.