HR INSIDE SUMMIT - Maxim Strashun
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Maxim Strashun is a Senior HR Partner at Lenovo – he supports the Services organization in EMEA. Previously, he was the Head of Talent Development for Lenovo EMEA. He specialized in development of current management, senior management, and pre-executive team and creating the future management pipeline. Maxim is Canadian. He moved to the Czech Republic sixteen years ago and worked as a management trainer, teambuilding instructor and management coach. Nine years ago he moved to Slovakia to manage training and talent development for Lenovo in EMEA. He has trained in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America and lectured on management skills, developing future managers and engaging employees at universities and at HR conferences in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Spain, UK and Belgium. He loves to share ideas and programs, what worked for him and what he’d suggest to avoid – best learning happens during discussions.


SESSION 4 –  10. Oktober | 12:30 Uhr | Raum ROT 


How to successfully and completely DE-MOTIVATE your employees as a manager

Everyone is talking about motivating your employees. Yet most of us know that motivation comes from within. Rather, let’s talk about how managers can stop DEMOTIVATING their people. Practical categories of de-motivators will help you realize what we do that de-motivates our people and…stop doing it! Then the motivation will come from team members themselves.

This presentation includes:

  • Categories, examples and stories to help us understand how we de-motivate our team members
  • Tools and techniques from most effective and successful managers: what do they do and most importantly – what they try not to do!
  • Suggestions for involving and engaging your team: how to discuss with them what motivates and de-motivates them