HR INSIDE SUMMIT - Matteo Achilli
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“Matteo is the Founder and CEO of Egomnia and known as the “Italian Mark Zuckerberg”. With the international launch of his online job recruiting network Egomnia he is revolutionising Human Resources as we know it.  In 2015 Business Insider has ranked 23 year old Matteo as the World’s Third most Powerful Person under 30. 2014 they placed him in the group of most Powerful Person In Tech At Every Age. The winner of numerous awards has spoken at the prestigious World Economic Forum in Geneva and is touring the world to share his innovative vision about the future of HR. Currently, Egomnia has more than 500,000 users and 1.000 companies accessing the site to find potential hires.”



Introduction: Meritocracy has its roots in the combination of the Latin word mereo “earn” and the ancient Greek kratos meaning “power”. It is a political philosophy which holds that power should be vested in individuals according to merit. “meritocracy” should be the pillar of a good nation, of a good organization. Where does meritocracy lie? It is very hard to sense, touch and see. Where can it be found? I think meritocracy is found when the person next to you is the person that deserves that position, the right person for your organization. Always. I’m glad to be italian. I love my country. But often, I have experienced in my short life, it’s very hard to find meritocracy in Italy: I’m going to explain my story. How an italian guy is promoting “meritocracy” in his country.