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West Point graduate & former U.S. Army helicopter pilot Leslie Stein is an internationally known speaker, facilitator, & life enthusiast. She redefines leadership as a personal journey, including happiness & wellness as key components.  Her humor, storytelling, & creativity produce a dynamic audience experience…redefining what you thought you knew about life & leadership.

Facilitative Leadership: How to Create Collaborative Environments

Does it ever feel like your team, department, or even the whole organization just can’t work well together? You are not alone. Almost every team experiences four common behaviors that can bring productivity to a screeching halt!  Fortunately, with a few simple facilitation techniques, you can transform meetings that feel like a waste of time into productive power sessions that leave participants feeling heard, understood, & ready for action. During this keynote we will:

  • Identify the 4 disruptive behaviors common to all teams
  • Learn simple strategies to minimize the appearance of these behaviors in meetings
  • Understand the basic tools every meeting needs to keep it on track