HR INSIDE SUMMIT - Carolyn Taylor
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Carolyn Taylor is one of the world’s experts in corporate culture with a length of experience that is second to none.  She has been leading corporate culture consulting firms for 30 years and has advised hundreds of organisations all over the world on how to achieve superior business results by transforming their culture. Her book Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success is a long-term best seller and reference site for those seeking a practical guide on how to actually go through the process of changing a culture.  Carolyn’s extensive experience means that she knows what works and what does not, has seen the whole range of culture change efforts, and experienced the impact culture has on every business outcome. Executives appreciate her ability to demonstrate links between strategy, culture and their own leadership behaviour, and to ground her work in pragmatic, business outcomes.  She makes culture do-able for them.


As the CEO of Walking the Talk, she leads an organisation with teams in a number of countries worldwide. Walking the Talk has built a Culture Transformation System which enables clients to inject a rigour into their culture endeavours which ensures measured performance outcomes.  Carolyn herself is coaching the executive teams of some of the most well known global organisations.