HR INSIDE SUMMIT - Beth Loeb Davies
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For 25 years, Beth Davies has been asking herself and her team, “What is the best way to provide employee development today?” The result: innovative, cutting-edge learning and development solutions rolled out at as an employee of Tesla Motors, Microsoft, Apple, and Gap, and as a consultant for numerous clients like Visa, Oracle, Breakthrough Group, Coaching Right Now, and Tommy Hilfiger. Currently, Beth is a thought leader in the transition to “invisible learning and development,” which strives to embed learning in the natural flow of work and empower employees to take charge of their own development.
Beth grew up in the United States in Cleveland, Ohio. She earned a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University and a law degree from Stanford University. She currently lives in California with her husband, Kevin.

KEYNOTE – 11. Oktober | 11:30 Uhr | Mainstage

Driving HR in a Fast-Growing Car Company

Innovative HR programs are essential for taking a startup through aggressive growth. How do you innovate in HR and what does this look like? In this keynote, we’ll use real examples from Tesla and other startups to illustrate how this can be done well, even with little or no budget. We’ll also explore the mindset HR professionals need to have to try new things and embrace the technology now available in our field.