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As a Co-founder of Good&Co Labs Inc. and its Chief Evangelist, Alex brings 25 years of global operational experience in building, integrating, and managing enterprises from concept through IPO. A founder of over 15 companies, he has four IPOs, numerous exits and a few epic failures. He holds numerous patents in intellectual property licensing, consumer loyalty, couponing and payment technology.

Quantifiying Workplace Happiness and Culture Fit

Happiness in the workplace doesn’t have to be just an aspiration or blue sky dream. Companies are desperate to keep employees engaged and improve retention rates, but the traditional methods of employee engagement are broken. In order to create real solutions and cut down on churn, employers need to concretely understand how to engage their workers better. The answer isn’t through slow surveys or vague measurements, but quantifiable statistics that create more awareness around engagement and performance rates. In turn, we have scientific tools to assess how to create a more productive, happier workforce. HR and recruitment leaders will discuss why the traditional employee engagement industry is obsolete and the next generation of solutions for employee assessment.